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There are some radio amateurs that may still need/want to run the original WSJT on their Mac’s. WSJT-X and MAP65 has been available for a while now with a native build for OSX, but you may want to use a WSJT mode not yet covered by these two.

To get all the dependencies set up and compile WSJT from scratch can be a challenge for non programmers. The libraries also change all the time and there are inter-dependencies that come into play that can make this a frustrating experience.a

So I few years ago I created a set of scripts to automate the build process for 9.5. I noticed the other day that many updates later we are now at 10.0. So I went back to those and rebuilt from the latest source. So we now have a fresh dmg install image which make installing WSJT dead simple.

WSJT10 Install



As the install image is not coming as a ‘signed’ install from the Apple store, when you run it the first time you will probably get a security warning. Temporarily disable that as showed below by changing the ‘Allow apps downloaded from’ to Anywhere, run WSJT once and then set it back to its original setting.


Below is how what WSJT looks like on my El Capitan Macbook.


And using FSK441 mode as below.

WSJT10.0 FSK441

To take the guesswork out of setting up your sound card. Run WSJT once. This creates a new ‘wsjt’ folder in your home folder. You then simply ‘cd ~/wsjt’ and then run ‘./start’. This brings up the display below. From that you can then pick out the sound device numbers. Then go to your ‘Setup -> Options’ and set the ‘Audio In’ and ‘Audio Out’ numbers accordingly.


By default, the PTT port is set as /dev/null which allows your to test WSJT without any PTT device connected, using only the audio. But you will want to go change this value to whatever the device is called on your machine. You can do a ‘ls /dev’ to get a list of all the devices recognized on your machine.

On my FT-991, with the correct drivers installed for the FT-991, mine shows up as ‘/dev/tty.SLAB_USBtoUART6’. So thats what I have configured under Options-PTT Port (with RTS ticked, Audio In=3, Audio Out=2) on the old mac in the shack. One USB cable between the MAC and the FT-991 takes care of audio and PTT. No need for any other box inbetween – fantastic!

Note the warning in the ‘start’ script above about support for the ‘Carbon Comonent Manager’. For now its not an issue, but we will have to see when Apple eventually removes support for this. In some future OS version they will, which will then completely break WJST in its current build. But I am hoping that will be some years away.

You can download the install dmg from one of the following:



I hope this is usefull for you.







1 thought on “WSJT 10.0 FOR OSX

  1. Howard Sherer

    Where can I find the latest WSJT-X for Mac OS? Is there also a version of WSJT-X that I can run on an I Pad. I would like to do some light weight portable operation on HF with my KX-2.

    Howard AE3T


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